Care and Support Packages

Our packages are based on providing the essential life skills and advice required for our Service Users to start out living a full and rewarding life independently.  

These packages can be tailored depending on whether the individual is low, medium or high risk.  


Key Work Sessions – up to 5 hours per week

These Service Users will have a higher level of independent living. They will need minimum support and direction for their next stage of life; they may already have ideas of what they want to do but will need help in realizing this.


Key Work Sessions – 6 – 10 hours per week

Service Users classified as medium risk show a level of independence but still need some support in most areas. They may also have been previously classified as high risk / vulnerable.


Key Work Sessions – at least 11 hours per week.  Staffing levels will be 24/7.

Service Users who are classified as high risk and vulnerable with little or no level of independent living and need extra support in all areas

Those at high risk are those who have:

  • Little to no experience of independent living
  • Low levels of engagement socially
  • Learning difficulties
  • Mental health issues
  • Self-harmed
  • Sexually exploitation